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TOCALO Co.,Ltd President Noriyuki Mifune

Noriyuki Mifune

Moving forward with unchanging spirit,
Seeking technologies for delightful future
This is the TOCALO Way.

TOCALO Co., Ltd. was originally established as Toyo Carolizing Industry Co., Ltd. in 1951. With introducing thermal spraying technology as the core business from its early stage, TOCALO has made a continuous progress and been a key player in surface modification field since its foundation. Moreover, in order to expand our services by incorporating thin-film area as well as to enhance the global operation, we acquired Japan Coating Center Co., Ltd. in 2004, and completed start-up of Chinese subsidiary in GuangZhou in 2006.

Today, surface modifying technology is an integral part and widely employed in the fields requiring energy-saving, efficiency, product-reliability and other advantages, such as power generation, steelmaker, car manufacturer, electronics, space development, medical field. In response to the market trend, TOCALO’s innovative coatings with outstanding properties are generated by wide variety of materials, active R&D efforts and flexible approaches.

The true goal of science technology is to value people’s lives and global environment. In addition to gaining trust from numbers of direct customers, TOCALO strives to make progress step by step to reach this goal and achieve “Prosperous future of People’s Lives and Nature”.

Guided by our corporate philosophy, “Technologies, Ideas and Good Services”, we continue to fulfill the expectation of all stakeholders and responsibly contribute to the society with unchanging enthusiasm. This is the TOCALO way. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for the continued support.

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