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Human resource development

The people we seek

We seek individuals who will embody our corporate mottos of Technology & Ideas, Youth & Passion, Harmony & Reliability, and Good Service and seek to take them to a new level.

Human resource development policy

We aim to be the best partner for our clients by creating value with our surface modification technologies. To achieve this, we must cultivate personnel with the ability to work autonomously in the four key areas of reinforcing our market development, reinforcing our technological development, enhancing the sophistication of our manufacturing, and realizing sustainable growth to become a 100-year company. We accordingly provide various growth opportunities to employees to bring out their potential and motivation and support the advancement of their careers.

Human resource development policy

  1. Improve proposal-based sales capabilities to provide optimal solutions

    We strengthen our proposal-based sales capabilities so we can provide optimal solutions to diverse customer needs. We do this by providing employees with opportunities to join projects in our priority fields and our conference where employees give presentations about actual business case examples so they can expand their specialized knowledge and learn from actual application cases.

  2. Encourage ingenuity in manufacturing and solidifying our foundation (personnel development)

    We encourage thinking creatively about ways to improve manufacturing efficiency so we can both provide coatings designed to individual customer specifications and increase our production capacity. One of the ways we do this is through initiatives to improve manufacturing, including holding QA-presentation competitions. We also have mechanisms (personnel development) to ensure work processes are performed according to specifications and procedure manuals, which are overseen and supervised by a foreman.

  3. Continuously enhancing quality control

    A quality management system is of fundamental importance to our business because of the extreme difficulty confirming the quality of a coating after it has been applied. To maintain strict control of the coating application process, we encourage employees to obtain skills that will further improve our quality control systems, including earning quality control certification (QC Kentei) and non-destructive inspection engineer qualifications.

  4. Cultivate a corporate culture with a flexible approach to technology development

    The technology report presentation competitions and technical conferences we hold for employees are events that embody our Technology & Ideas motto. We foster a corporate culture that creates enthusiasm for technological development and flexible thinking unbound by pre-existing concepts.

  5. Provide digital education and selecting DX human resources

    Digitalization and DX are important to improving the productivity and quality of all operations. We are implementing digital education to raise the digital literacy (the ability to understand and use it) throughout our organization. We are also selecting and training individuals as DX human resources who can use data and digital technology to lead to innovation.

  6. Cultivate strategic thinking by broadening perspectives with a global experience program

    We are launching a new global experience program to develop human resources who will lead not only our global expansion but also for our corporate development in the long term. The program is intended to broaden the perspectives and nurture the strategic thinking of highly motivated employees.

KPIs for human resource development (non-consolidated)
Item KPI FY2025 target FY2022 result FY2021 result
Encourage ingenuity in manufacturing and solidifying our foundation (personnel development) Number of certified technicians (total) 240​ 192 178
Continuously enhancing quality control Number of people passing QC certification tests (total) 60 46 29
Number of qualified non-destructive testing engineers (total) 25 18 15
Cultivate a corporate culture with a flexible approach to technology development Number of external presentations (academic society presentations, research papers, commentary articles) 25 28 18
Overall Education expense per employee ¥80,000 ¥63,200 ¥54,200
Human resource programs (non-consolidated)
Human resource programs (non-consolidated)


Providing full support to employees taking on new challenges

Hiroshi Goto
Director, Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Administrative Headquarters

Hiroshi Goto<br>Director, Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Administrative Headquarters

For TOCALO to continue growing and developing into the best company it can be, all of our employees must likewise continue growing. One of our missions is to create an environment where our employees can grow. I am particularly focused on creating an environment where employees are eager to take on new challenges.

In fiscal 2022, we launched the global experience program to train the human resources that will lead our global development into the long term and introduced an internal “DX human resources recruitment” in which we are selecting and training individuals to use data and digital technology for innovation. Younger employees in particular have been very interested in these programs, and the applications have far outnumbered the number of spaces.

We are creating an environment that encourages employees to take on new challenges and providing full support. We expect these efforts to greatly support the growth of highly motivated employees which will contribute to the Company’s overall growth.

Investment in human capital

Our human resource development policy is to actively invest in developing and strengthening the human resources we need to become the best partner for our customers. TOCALO Co., Ltd. invested a total of ¥48 million, or ¥54,200 per employee, in employee education in fiscal 2021.

Investment in human capital

Creating a comfortable work environment

Work environment policy

We will maintain a comfortable work environment for all employees so that they can express their individuality and abilities and achieve harmony between their work and private lives.

Work environment principles

  1. Foster corporate culture with psychological safety

    Foster an open corporate culture where all employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and feelings and where everyone is supportive of taking on challenges.

  2. Maintain and improve a comfortable work environment, including health and safety

    We ensure employee workplace safety and health in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act and strive to maintain a clean, functional, and people-friendly working environment.
    Please see Occupational safety and health for details.

  3. Provide equal-opportunity career advancement and merit-based evaluations

    We actively employ human resources with various attributes (nationality, age, presence or absence of disabilities) who can feel motivated to work to their full potential. We promote the active participation of women. We provide equal opportunity for career advancement and merit-based evaluations.
    Please see Diversity Promotion Activities and Human resource development for details.

  4. Support employees balancing work with childcare and nursing care

    We provide career assurance to employees who are raising children or providing nursing care by offering and disseminating information about our temporary leave, holidays, shortened work hours, and other programs. We also take steps to maintain the understanding and cooperation of superiors and others in the workplace.
    Please see Supporting work-life balance for details.

  5. Create a workplace environment allowing flexible work styles and healthy work activity

    We strive to provide and develop flexible work structures (work locations, hours) and to create a work environment where employees can physically and mentally work in a healthy manner. We believe that a flexible and healthy work environment improves productivity and enables work-life balance.
    Please see Supporting work-life balance for details.

  6. Provide learning opportunities and establish an award program

    We provide a variety of learning opportunities for employees to improve their work skills and advance their personal development. We also created an award system to stimulate employee motivation.
    Please see Human resource development for details.

KPIs for work environment (non-consolidated)
Item KPI FY2025 target FY2022 result FY2021 result
Maintain and improve a comfortable work environment, including health and safety Occupational safety incident frequency Target is zero 1.80 0.62
Labor safety incident severity rate Target is zero 0.03 0.00
Equal career opportunity and merit-based evaluations Percentage of female full-time employees 13% 11.0% 9.5%
Percentage of female managers 5% 2.3% 1.4%
Support balancing work and childcare/nursing care Percentage of male employees taking childcare leave 90% 68.0% 31.3%

Please see the section ESG data for data on human resources.