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Corporate philosophy

TOCALO values its mission statement, “Technologies and Ideas,” “Youth and Passion,” and “Harmony and Reliability” in order to maintain good relations with all relevant stakeholders as a leading company of surface treatment technology. We make every effort to contribute to sustainable society with its environmental-friendly products. We also strive to achieve solid business and good performance to remain a trustworthy company.

TOCALO's management policy

We implement following principles to remain a trustworthy company backed by its sophisticated technology and good performance.

  1. We pursue to gain profit in any economic situation with all-weather management style.
  2. We reinforce financial strength by the management of significant emphasis on cash flow and balance sheet.
  3. We continue to be a “Problem Solver” to meet the demands of customers with quick and appropriate response.
  4. We continue to be R&D-driven company to provide high quality coatings.
  5. We strive to commit corporate governances and environmental protection to strengthen relationship with stakeholders.
  6. We respect independent management of group companies and aim to grow continually and synergistically on group-wide basis.

Corporate Code of Conduct

TOCALO exercises the following Corporate Code of Conduct to develop constructive business activities and to contribute to society in a spirit of sincerity and creativeness.

  1. Prioritize customer satisfaction and develop and supply useful products that earn customer’s trust.
  2. TOCALO board members and employees are committed to respecting the law and conduct activities based on the norms of corporate ethics.
  3. We recognize “Environment Conservation, Safety, and Accident Preventio” as being of greatest importance and put them into practice in all of our business operations, including as production, sales, and waste disposal. We also make efforts to maintain ideal working environments according to local laws and norms.
  4. As a socially responsible company, we disclose corporate information in a fair and appropriate manner to build a trustful relationship with all stakeholders.
  5. We proactively work on research and development and maintain our position as a pioneer of coating technology by offering services with value and high-quality products.
  6. We respect basic human rights and prohibit discriminative treatment, child labor, and forced labor in all business activities. We also create employee-friendly working environments in which the employees can exercise their full capabilities.
  7. We promote cooperation among all Group companies and mobilize the Group’s collective power for continuous and high-quality growth.