Technology: Thermal spraying technologyWhat is thermal spraying?

How thermal spraying technology works

Thermal spraying technology deposits high-functional coatings onto the surfaces of workpieces in a wide range of industries. The sprays can include a wide variety of materials, such as metal, ceramics, and alloys that are liquefied using various heat sources. The melted materials sprayed onto the workpiece instantly cools to form the coating.

How thermal spray technology works

Thermal spraying technology applications

Thermal spray coatings can be applied to various materials, including iron, aluminum, nickel, and CFRP. A wide variety of materials can be used as thermal spray materials. The many possible variations of materials and methods enable the selection of the optimal coating for each customer.

Spraying process

Conveyer rollers used in steel production lines would be coated using the following process at our plant. For large equipment that cannot be brought to our plant, we can perform on-site spraying at the customer’s site.

Spraying process