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Noriyuki Mifune Representative Director President and Executive Officer TOCALO Co., Ltd.
Kazuya Kobayashi
Representative Director
President and Executive Officer
TOCALO Co., Ltd.

TOCALO is at the forefront of surface modification technology as we work to realize a “bright future for people and nature.”

My name is Kazuya Kobayashi, and I was appointed President and CEO of TOCALO on June 23, 2023.

Amid the increasing uncertainty in the economic situation and business environment, our mission will be to respond flexibly to the changes and turn them into business opportunities that will further establish our sustainable growth.

TOCALO was established in 1951 as Toyo Calorizing Industry Co., Ltd., and became a leader in the surface modification industry with the introduction of its thermal spraying technology in 1958. The addition of Japan Coating Center to our Group in 2004 broadened our business domain to encompass thin film technology. In 2005, we began expanding business overseas and have grown into a global operation with companies in China, Taiwan, the United States, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Our surface modification technologies apply coatings to client products and manufacturing equipment parts to give the parts new properties and functions that the client requires, such as corrosion, wear resistance, and electrical insulation. Our high-functional coatings are indispensable to fields ranging from the core industries of electric power, steel, automotive, and industrial machinery to the semiconductors, flat panel displays, space development, and advanced medical fields.

We are continuing to advance our proprietary coating technology with innovative ideas unconstrained by conventional parameters, and we are engaging in joint research with domestic and overseas research institutes and technical exchanges with companies with unique technologies to remain at the forefront of the coating industry.

Our society is facing numerous environmental and social issues, such as accelerating climate change, energy problems, and a declining working population. We are focusing our expertise as a coating manufacturer to help clients conserve resources, reduce labor, and lower environmental burden for a sustainable society as we work to realize a “bright future for people and nature.”