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TOCALO upholds many advanced industries by cutting-edge surface technologies.

TOCALO covers varieties of surface technologies. We focus on thermal spray as the core technology. In the process of thermal spray, alloy and other types of materials are melted and sprayed onto the subject to form a high-functional coating. In addition to thermal spray, we develop various coatings produced by chemical effect and physical effect. Our aim is to present an unique and optimal solution for each customer to sustain the technology development.

Thermal Spray Technology
Thermal spray technology produces a functional coating by spraying fine particles onto the workpiece.

Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS)

VPS is performed inside the chamber in which atmosphere is kept inert under low pressure to produce a coating.

Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS)

APS is performed in atmospheric environment by using high-temperature plasma jet of over 10000 Celsius to produce a coating.

Electric Arc Spraying Process (Arc Process)

Arc process is performed using short circuit arc to spray molten particles to produce a coating.

High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying Process (HVOF)

HVOF process is performed by high-speed spraying of materials to produce a coating with properties including high density and high adhesion.

Powder Flame Spraying Process

Powder flame spraying process produces a dense coating with low porosity.

Rod Flame Spraying Process

Rod flame spraying process produces a coating using ceramic rod material.

Wire Flame Spraying

Wire flame spraying process uses metals and alloys in wire form as its spraying materials to produce a coating with thickness of up to 10mm.

Peripheral Surface Technologies
Other types of coatings produced by various methods including chemical reaction


WIN KOTE produces a coating applicable to workpiece of complicated shape including 3-dimension, large-size and long-size products.

CDC-ZAC Coating

CDC-ZAC coating is a ceramic coating produced by chemical densified process.

TD Process

TD process produces super hard coating with properties including wear resistance and seizure resistance.

PTA Process

PTA process is performed by overlay-welding method to produce a coating with high adhesiveness and shock resistance.

PVD Process

PVD process produces a coating with material flexibility and shape stability.

Lite Force

Lite Force achieves weight saving, energy saving and operational efficiency of many industrial machinery.

Coating Functions

TOCALO’s key concept is to “Plus” values to industrial technologies. We provide valuable solutions to customers by supplying high-quality coatings.

Ceramic Spraying

Ceramic spraying involves the combination of various methods and materials to produce high-functional coatings

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