TOCALO has set “Cultivating and actively engaging diverse human resources” as a material issue (materiality) for our sustainable growth. We also provide employee training and an internal work environment where employees can actively express their individuality and abilities.
In addition, we ensure our working conditions meet or exceed the standards stipulated by laws and regulations. We engage in ongoing dialogue aimed at creating and preserving a fulfilling work environment and compensation structure, including holding discussion meetings between company and labor union executives about six times a year.

Diversity Promotion Activities

Promotion of diversity

In July 2020, we launched the Diversity Promotion Committee with the goal of becoming a company where diverse human resources can work comfortably and enthusiastically. We revised our internal regulations based on constructive opinions and information regarding improving our Company received from employees from various backgrounds, genders, ages, and affiliations. We also proactively produce and distribute pamphlets and posters.
In February 2022, we established the Diversity Promotion Division, which is dedicated to further strengthening these activities. Along with our current priority of promoting the advancement of women, we are taking proactive steps to create a worker-friendly workplace environment.

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Constantly promoting diversity and creating a culture where employees can work with enthusiasm

Yuka Wakabayashi (Diversity Promotion Division, HR & General Affairs Division)

Yuka Wakabayashi (Diversity Promotion Division, HR & General Affairs Division)

The Diversity Promotion Division established in April 2022 is implementing company-wide measures to promote the active participation of women, establish better work styles, and create a workplace environment with the aim of realizing a company where diverse human resources can work energetically and comfortably.

In fiscal 2022, the division focused on making sure it is operating at full power and on raising awareness of diversity issues, as well as actively promoting public relations through the internal newsletter and presenting participatory events. We also conducted interactive training sessions for managers, and in a survey 90% of managers responded that “the Company’s diversity has improved.” I believe these efforts have greatly improved the level of attention to diversity within the Company and advanced our diversity.

Our aim is not only to create a workplace environment with a good work-life balance, but also to create a culture where human resources of all genders and nationalities play an active role. Accommodating diversity and a wide range of perspectives will be especially important in the future global society. We want to create an open atmosphere where our diversity gives rise to innovation.

During my year and a half in the Diversity Promotion Division, I’ve met people from various departments and occupations. At this year’s family event, I was reminded once again that behind each employee is a family of many people. I want to continue improving our Company one step at a time so we will be a positive factor in all three elements of our employees and their families, the Company, and society.

Publication of General Business Owner Action Plan

We publish a General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace.

General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

General Business Owner Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace

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Competitive ratio in recruitment by gender for the last three fiscal years (non-consolidated)
Employment management classification Female competition ratio (A) Male competition ratio (B)
Career track 3.57 times 4.20 times
Skills and clerical positions 0.33 times 1.00 times

Total number of hours of overtime and holiday work per worker per month in the most recent fiscal year (non-consolidated)

The total of overtime and holiday work is less than 45 hours each month in all employment management categories.

Various career courses (non-consolidated)

Status of mid-career recruitment and re-employment, such as conversion to regular workers in the last three fiscal years

Last three fiscal years Action taken Number of people
Fiscal 2020-2022 A. Conversions to regular workers, hired dispatched workers 8 (Conversions to regular workers, hired dispatched workers)
B. Conversion between employment management categories that contributes to career advancement 14 (same as above)
D. Mid-career recruitment of females over age 30 as regular workers 15 (not including the above)

Supporting work-life balance

Improving our programs and increasing acceptance

Employees and management are working together to improve our programs supporting a balance between work and life by reducing extended working hours and encouraging employees to take annual paid leave. We have also established a childcare-leave system to help employees balance work and child rearing amid Japan’s rapidly declining birthrate and aging population. In addition, we are improving the work environment to better support health management during pregnancy and after childbirth.
We are also reforming workstyle options and our workplace culture to support employees who need to work while caring for family members, and are raising awareness of the available workstyle options.
In March 2023, we added a condition to support for people balancing work and infertility treatment by allowing leave for fertility treatment.

Third-party Evaluations

Kurumin Plus Certification

To be a company with a diverse and enthusiastic workforce, the Diversity Promotion Committees at each worksite are leading efforts to strengthen our employee support programs, such as for people balancing childcare and work, and to encourage male employees to take childcare leave. In March 2023, we introduced a leave program to support employees undergoing infertility treatment and ran programs to promote awareness and understanding of infertility treatment. These efforts earned us Kurumin Plus certification as a company supporting employees who are balancing work with raising children and infertility treatment.

Kurumin Plus

Please see the section ESG Data Collection for data on the percentage of employees taking paid leave and childcare and nursing care leave.