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Health management is a priority management issue at TOCALO and we take steps to provide full support for employee mental health care and work-life balance so all employees can work energetically and safely.

Basic approach to health management

Positioning of Company health management

In 2023, we announced our Declaration on Health Management based on the belief that efforts to maintain and improve employee health are fundamental to human capital management. We are actively implementing health management as part of our drive for sustainable growth toward becoming a 100-year company.


Declaration on Health Management

Our medium-term management plan stated our mission to “make employees and their families proud of our Company as a place to work with enthusiasm and safety,” and we accordingly implemented measures to “develop human resources” and “create a work environment that is clean, functional, and people-friendly.”
In addition to the above, fulfilling our mission will also include actively advancing health management measures by “promoting mental and physical health” and “increasing employee engagement (eagerness to contribute to the Company).”

Kazuya Kobayashi
Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer

Health management policy

  1. We actively support each and every employee so they can work independently to improve their physical and mental health.
  2. We create comfortable worksites that are clean, functional, and people-friendly.
  3. We regularly evaluate the results of health and productivity management initiatives and maintain a system for continuous improvement. Management will demonstrate leadership to promote employee participation in health management.

Health management promotion initiatives

Health management promotion structure

The Personnel and General Affairs Division promotes the Company’s health management. The TOCALO President serves as the Chief Health Management Officer and the General Manager of the Administrative Headquarters serves as Health Management Promotion Officer. The Personnel and General Affairs Division forms and executes its policies and strategies while cooperating fully with the Production Headquarters in charge of safety and health, labor unions, external organizations (health insurance associations), and external experts (occupational physicians).



  1. Promote mental health
  2. Promote physical health
  3. Create a clean, functional, and people-friendly work environment
  4. Improve work-life balance

Approach to mental health

Our initiatives to support the employee mental health of our employees include annual stress checks as required by law and give feedback on the results to individuals. We also seek to improve our work environments by performing diagnoses of our company structures to identify structural issues.
We offer stress checks to employees and additionally provide contacts for consultation.
In 2022, we contracted with SOMPO Health Support Corporation to provide health management services that provide employees with mental conditions the opportunity to consult with industrial health advisors. The consultations will serve as a preventive measure to reduce instances of employees taking a leave of absence.

Initiatives to improve work-life balance

We are introducing and expanding our systems for accommodating flexible work locations and work hours and taking steps to create a physically and mentally healthy work environment. We believe these efforts will enhance productivity and improve employee work-life balance.