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We promote IR activities from the perspective of our shareholders and investors, with a basis of prompt and accurate information disclosure.

Information disclosure policy

We strive to disclose information in an easy-to-understand manner through shareholder newsletters and our website.

We strive to earn the trust of our shareholders and investors by disclosing corporate information, such as management policies and financial data promptly, accurately, and fairly from the perspective of these shareholders and investors.
In disclosing information, we comply with statutory disclosure standards and disclosure rules set forth by the stock exchanges.

IR associated tools
  • Securities reports and quarterly reports
  • Financial Results (Quarterly)
  • Newsletter for Shareholders

The latest Newsletter for Shareholders can be viewed on this page (Japanese only).

  • Fact Sheet
  • Company briefing materials for investors
  • IR information on our website

Investor relations information can be found in detail on this page.

Newsletter for Shareholders

Main IR activities

Strong focus on meetings with individual investors

We actively engage in communications with stakeholders through corporate briefings for investors and meetings with analysts and domestic and foreign institutional investors to provide opportunities for direct dialogues between shareholders, investors, and top management.
We also regularly participate in asset management expos to improve our name recognition, broaden our corporate recognition, and expand our base of investors and people interested in our company.

We hold company information sessions for investors twice a year in Tokyo. In response to requests from investors, we added a hybrid meeting format for investors to participate either in-person or online. Videos of these meetings are publicly available on our website.

We also exhibited at the Nikkei IR and Investor Fair that was held at the Tokyo Big Sight in September 2023.

TOCALO also maintains a corporate website with access to the latest investor relations information. The website provides important disclosure information and highlights our business activities and content, including information on the TOCALO Group’s strengths and our surface coating technology’s contribution to protecting the environment.

President Kobayashi speaking at an information session for investors (live broadcast)
President Kobayashi speaking at an information session for investors (live broadcast)
Nikkei IR and Investor Fair announcement
Nikkei IR and Investor Fair announcement