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Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS)

VPS (Vacuum Plasma Spraying)

Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS) VPS is carried out inside the chamber, where atmosphere is inert under low pressure after air purge. This process has the following characteristics.
  • * The coatings with designed characteristics are produced since the original properties of spray material are maintained.
  • * The coatings of activated metals such as Ti are produced.
  • * As the spraying speed of molten particles is faster than in the air, coatings with higher bonding strength and higher density are produced.
VPS is an indispensable method to produce high-functional coatings for various advanced technologies.

(*1)Plasma spraying

Plasma spraying Plasma spraying Plasma is an electrically conductive gas containing electrically charged particles, ions and electrons. In plasma spraying process, metals, alloys, high melting-point materials, such as ceramics and cermets in powder or wire form are melted and sprayed onto the subjects. Plasma spraying has 2 types of methods, APS and VPS. APS is carried out in the atmosphere, and for VPS, in the chamber of which atmosphere and pressure are controlled.