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TOCALO's Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Philosophy

Tocalo Co., Ltd values its mission statement, “Technologies and Ideas”, “Youth and Passion”, and “Harmony and Reliability” in order to maintain good relations with all relevant stakeholders as a leading company of surface treatment technology. We make every effort to contribute to sustainable society with its environmental-friendly products. We also strive to achieve solid business and good performance to remain a trustworthy company.

TOCALO’s Management Policy

We implement following principles to remain a trustworthy company backed by its sophisticated technology and good performance.
  1. We pursue to gain profit in any economic situation with all-weather management style.
  2. We reinforce financial strength by the management of significant emphasis on cash flow and balance sheet.
  3. We continue to be a “Problem Solver” to meet the demands of customers with quick and appropriate response.
  4. We continue to be R&D-driven company to provide high quality coatings.
  5. We strive to commit corporate governances and environmental protection to strengthen relationship with stakeholders.
  6. We respect independent management of group companies and aim to grow continually and synergistically on group-wide basis.

Corporate Guideline

TOCALO established following corporate guidelines to develop constructive business activities and to contribute to society in a spirit of sincerity and creativeness.
  1. Placing priority on customer's satisfaction, we develop and supply useful products to gain customer's trust.
  2. TOCALO board members and employees have responsibilities to respect the law and conduct activities based on the norms of corporate ethics.
  3. We recognize “Environment Conservation, Safety and Accident Prevention” as greatest importance and put them into practice in every business operation such as production, sales and waste disposal. We also make efforts to keep ideal working environment according to the law and norms of local area.
  4. We disclose our corporate information in a fair and appropriate manner to build a trustful relationship with all stakeholders as a socially responsible company.
  5. We proactively work on research and development and continue to be the pioneer of coating technology by offering valued services and high-quality products.
  6. We respect for basic human rights and deny discriminative treatment, child labor and forces labor in all business activities. Furthermore, we create employee-friendly working environment in which the employees can exercise their ability.
  7. We promote cooperation of all group companies and perform collective power to grow continuously and sophisticatedly.

CSR Activities

  1. Clean Line Committee

    We established internal communication system, Clean Line System, to uphold corporate ethics and compliance with laws and regulation. It urges detection of potential risks and prevention of various problems.
  2. All the board members and employees strictly follow the social laws according to our corporate ethics.
  3. Establishment of CSR Committee

    We established TOCALO CSR Committee to work together for promoting CSR activities and advancement of our corporate value.
  4. ISO14001 Acquisition

    TOCALO Group has ISO14001 certificate at 8 plants/offices and its subsidiary.
  5. Commitment to the Society

    In addition to our business activities, we strive for playing an important role in contributing to a sustainable society and local communities.

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