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Company profile

Our Business

TOCALO provides solutions better suited for each customer with multidimensional approach.
Our service and technology is highly evaluated and selected as an excellent coating supplier by many customers around the world.

Our Business
We offer best solution to each customer.  The solution is developed by integrated efforts of sales staff, production staff and R&D staff.  We also actively work on the joint development of new applications in addition to the technology support of surface treatment services.

Surface Technologies of TOCALO

TOCALO develops various types of surface modifying technologies.
Thermal spray is our core technology. It produces high-functional coatings onto the surface of industrial equipments and parts using alloy materials and ceramics to be melted for spraying. Additionally, as peripheral technologies, we deliver four product lines including TD, ZAC coating, PTA and PVD/DLC. We assist customers with optimal solutions to customers of various industries.
Surface Technologies of TOCALO

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