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Quality Management

TOCALO CO., LTD Quality Policy

To provide coating services and coated products which satisfy our customers, TOCALO:

  1. Meets customers’ quality requirements.
  2. Clarifies and keeps our quality standards.
  3. Establishes quality objectives and monitors their
  4. Improves the quality management system continuously.

1st April 2018
President Noriyuki Mifune

TOCALO continues to enhance product quality with ISO9001 Quality Management System.

Surface modifying technology is classified into special processes.  The process needs to be strictly controlled throughout whole procedures to properly evaluate the finished products.  In this way, TOCALO maintains high level of quality management system with ISO9001 certification.

ISO900, JIS Q9100, Nadcap Certified

TOCALO delivers high quality products and reliable services.
Tocalo's advanced coating is produced under a strict operational system.
TOCALO continues to enhance its quality management system certified with ISO9001 and JIS9100 to meet the customers’ requirement.

ISO9001 Certified Plant

ISO9001 Certified Plant/Tokyo Plant,Nagoya Plant,Kobe Plant,Akashi Plant,Kitakyushu Plant,Mizushima Plant

JIS Q9100, Nadcap Certified Plant

JIS Q9100 Certified Plant/Nagoya Plant

Flowchart of TOCALO Quality Management System

Order Verification→Order Acceptance→Production→Shipping→Maintenance Service

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